Moving into Ministry

Thank you for your love and prayers that are helping us stay here in Papua New Guinea!  We feel so blessed to be a part of your ministry to the Lord!  Your faithfulness is so encouraging to us!  It’s hard to believe the summer is coming to an end already.  This summer Brad and I finished up our language study!  We are in the capable level, so we can communicate well enough to do our jobs and have relationships here in country.  Our family just finished up a break and Brad has gone into full-time training with the Kodiak and PNG flying.  

Brad’s final language evaluation

Brad has been well trained, but here in PNG he will be flying a new aircraft and in conditions that are unique to this country.  The pilot who is instructing him is named Ryan Farran.  He has been in country for some time and is excited to help Brad get trained for flying here in PNG.  He has a YouTube channel called “Missionary Bush Pilot” and you should check it out!  Brad may be featured in some upcoming videos!  

Our friend Ryan Farran and Brad’s instructor

Please pray for Brad as he is learning how to fly safety in constantly shifting weather conditions with constantly shifting needs from the missionaries we are serving in bush locations.  Right now, Brad is observing, and Ryan is telling him everything he is doing and how he is making decisions and calculations.  Everything is new in this environment, and he comes home from each day mentally tired.  We think this first year will be especially exhausting for him.  

Evey snuggling Brad after his first day working at the hanger

Our kids are still adjusting.  From time to time, we see how their heart are still struggling with being far away from America.  They are struggling with being far from family and things that are familiar.  We also get the privilege of also seeing our kids start to love a culture and people who are not their own.  Our children love our language helpers and Linna who works in our home.  Evelyn asks everyday if Linna can come over and play with us.  It’s been amazing to see how although our kids cannot speak her language they all love to be with her.  

Linna and I spend time together when she arrives drinking coffee and we the word together and talk about our amazing God.  Often we talk about how God has made and holds all things together.  Most locals here have a garden and they get most of what they eat everyday from their own garden.  Recently we were talking about how God provides differently to each person in each country.  Our struggles are very different in America than here, but we all need the reminder that every good thing comes from God.  As we look to give him thanks for what we do have it helps us with our perspective when we have to go without.  Evey

Evey with our helper Linna

My friendship with Linna has been a huge blessing.  Please pray with me as I seek to show her more about our savior’s plan for redemption and his free gift of grace.  She loves to listen to me read the stories of the Old Testament and biographies of missionaries.  Please pray for our family as we live our lives in front of her.  We want to be an encouragement to her and not a stumbling block.  Our cultures are very different, so coming into our house and seeing the innermost workings of our family could be hard just as their culture is sometimes hard for us.

Linna and I going to her house for the morning.

This next month I am going to take questions from you all and answer them in our next update!  So please send me your questions, silly or serious, and I will do my best to answer them so that you can know what it’s like to live in Papua New Guinea as a missionary family!  We love you all and miss you!