The God who Provides!

We are back in our home state and in my (Courtney’s) hometown, Chickasha, Ok! We are so excited to be back, to spend endless hours with grandparents, to eat Braum’s ice cream and see old friends! Though we are primarily living in Chickasha this year, we are excited to travel to Ringwood, Norman, Waukesha and wherever else we have friends/family. We want to spend time with EVERYONE and we hope life goes back to normal soon so we can soak in the next seven months to the FULLEST!

We are done with training here in the states and now we are doing Partnership Development! Full time, from now until January 2021, we are raising the funds we need to live overseas. Currently we are at 60% of recurring monthly support that we will need to live overseas! We are so excited to see how God provides all that we need!

A few months ago we started thinking about our game plan to get ready to move to Papua New Guinea. We talked about how we needed a house for meetings. God knew that need. Before we started reaching out to contacts in Chickasha, a good friend reached out to my mom to offer a house for us to use during our months here! We were astounded and frankly somewhat reluctant to fully believe we had a place to live!

God sees our needs AND our desires.

Brad and I sometime talk about what life would be like if… we weren’t doing missions. We love the life God has given us and we are more than excited to move to Papua New Guinea, but that American dream is alluring. We would have a house on a few acres, we would have a large porch. We would have a tall headboard on our bed. I know that last item may be silly, but since we move often and will soon move overseas, we have never invested in furniture.

My parents went out to the house and gave us a virtual tour via FaceTime and we could not believe our eyes. The house has fields all around it. It has 3 bedrooms and windows of the beautiful views that surround it everywhere. Simply put, it is more than we could have hoped for!

Then we started worrying about the next problem. Furniture for this large and beautiful home. We barely whispered this need and furniture came pouring in. We even got a table and chairs for outside!

You guys, God not only sees what we need, he also hears our deep and secret desires. He heard our dream about a house with some land, he heard our jokes about a headboard to read books on, and He even heard my fleeting thoughts about some outdoor chairs for that beautiful porch. He heard them all. We didn’t need these things. But God allowed us to have them for this short time. This tells me that God deeply cares for my heart. Even the parts of my heart I often think are silly, foolish, selfish, or material. We won’t live here long and the furniture is on loan, but when I look at it I see His love for me!

He provides through His people.

God provided all of this through more than 20 people who love the Lord and chose to step out in faith and obey Him.

This is why we are excited to see how God will provide the finances that we need to move our family of 5 to Papua New Guinea and sustain us there for as long as He desires!

Thank you to the 28 families, individuals, churches, and companies who partner with us monthly bringing our support level to 60% of our monthly ministry budget. This is our team, our partners, our encouragement, and they are all serving the Lord by sending us! It is a huge blessing to get to see God provide in such a personal way!

Please pray with us as we meet with people and see who else God has planned to be on our team.

Jehovah- Jireh (the Lord will provide)!

Prayer request:

  • Praises:
    • Our home for our time in Oklahoma
    • Our furnished house
  • Requests:
    • Wisdom in raising our three children, especially in the midst of mission work overseas.
    • Transitions for each of us. (As we miss those we left and reconnect with those we have missed, there are a lot of emotions)
    • Partners in Ministry
    • Loads of paperwork to go smoothly and processed quickly considering the effects of quarantine shutdowns.

If you are interested being on our team or hearing more about the ministry God has called us to, please let us know! We would love to meet with you and tell you all about it! You can call, text, or email us. You can also go here to learn more. Thanks!